Polytan – since 1969 our name has been synonymous with uncompromising quality and functionality when it comes to synthetic sports surfaces. Our products are used successfully around the world in top international sports, but also for leisure, club and school sports.

So we know a thing or two about quality – and we’ve been demonstrating this for 50 years. But how good are we when it comes to sustainability?


Sustainability at Polytan

Polytan has always attached great importance to sustainability and a low environmental impact. As a responsible full-service provider, we ensure the appropriate and conscientious use of resources at each step in the life cycle – from the selection of raw materials through production, installation, use and maintenance, to disposal and recycling. Our certified environmental management, in accordance with ISO 140001 since 2015, underlines this claim.

Green Technology Life Cycle EnglischGreen Technology Life Cycle Englisch

Development and Design

Sustainability starts with the design and development of our products.

Raw materials

We also set uncompromising quality standards when selecting the raw materials used for our products.


The reduction of negative environmental influences also plays an important role for Polytan production.

Usage and Maintenance

The service life is one of the most important prerequisites for ensuring a positive eco-balance of synthetic turf.

Recycling and Reuse

Even after their active career, our products are far from over.


In line with the objectives of the EU Commission’s strategy for a plastics and bio-based economy, we are also working hard on researching the use of bioplastics and CO2-based plastics, which are already usefully supplementing our oil-based product portfolio and, in the long term, may even gradually replace it. We are working on this initiative together with leading companies from around the world such as Braskem, Covestro and the infill specialist Melos who, just like Polytan, is part of the Sport Group GmbH. Resource and climate protection are therefore core goals of our innovation programme, the results of which you will find at Polytan under the umbrella of the “Green Technology” (GT) line: A new generation of highly sophisticated products and methods that combine the latest expertise from the plastics industry with the functional and environmental benefits of renewable resources and new, resource-conserving technologies.

There are six products from our Green Technology line (as of June 2021) available. We are also working hard to ensure that more will follow soon – with the requirement that the products tick all the boxes, not just in terms of sustainability, but also in the areas of player health and safety and performance.


Poligras Tokyo GT

LigaTurf CrossGTzero, der erste klimaneutral produzierte Kunstrasen

LigaTurf Cross GTzero

LigaTurf Cross GT Systemaufbau

LigaTurf Cross GT

Poligras Platinum GT Systemaufbau

Poligras Platinum GT